System Dynamics comprises of a team of professionals with over 30 years of individual experience in the Marine and Offshore Industries. Our expertise covers equipment supply, system integration and engineering applications. The above range of services also extends itself to land based industrial applications. We offer compelling professional and practical insight into systems and products with a global footprint catering to our partners needs. Continual development by providing engineered systems and solutions to meet our partner’s needs in their applications related to the Marine, Offshore and Industrial segments in keeping with current technology, norms and regulations. System Dynamics aims to be a global leader in the supply of marine integrated systems to provide engineered excellence to our business partners. Our integrated solutions embrace our know-how and serve the sustainable benefits of customers and end users in a long-term manner. The strategic principles that guide our day-to-day activities revolve around: Focusing on high added value integrated solutions, meeting the needs of all marine entities in our value chain. Continuing to build a strong image for the Company’s key brands. Accelerating customer-driven technical support and technologies and market know-how. Combining a strategic view with a clear hands-on local market approach. The corporate governance of System Dynamics is organized through the following bodies: A Board of Directors which includes the CEO. Working Committees of the Board of Directors established in accordance with the principles of corporate governance. The committees are responsible for strategy planning, financial planning and sales development programme.